El Coyote Ugly: LDS Owner Talks to Gay Patrons

Posted on 13 November 2008 by admin

My friend Sam posted video of the LDS owner of El Coyote, a restaurant with heavy gay and liberal minded patronage, responding to her donation to the Yes on 8 campaign, trying to avert a boycott.  When Sam asks her, “would you be willing to make a personal donation to repeal the amendment?”  The truth then comes out as to where she firmly stands.

In another report, WeHo News says:

Floor manager Bob Montoya stressed to the crowd of 60 or more that the restaurant’s views were not Ms. Christoffersen’s. Ms. Christoffersen said she simply did what her church told her, “El Coyote is as diverse as its clientele is. Our customers are part of our family and I responded to the call of the Mormon Church to donate.”

Another proclamation of Mormon church influence in this initiative.

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  1. Donald C. Says:

    The link is broken.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks! Link is now fixed.

  3. TT Says:

    You lost twice. You talk about rights. I have the right to protect marriage between a man and a woman.

  4. admin Says:

    Eh, TT, you THINK you have that right. Some day in the near future you’ll find out that you don’t.

  5. Cspk Says:

    Again I must ask yet another of you–since no one has ever answered this question logically–protect marriage from what? In what way is it threatened, concretely? Why do you bigots KEEP saying that yet NONE of you can answer b/c its a load of crap to “defend” your bigotry–the only thing you are truly defending.
    And traditional marriage had nothing to do with religion, so stop that line of crap too. YOU BIGOTS HAVE TO LIE WITH EVERY BREATH! Doesn’t that make you question yourself, at all? And what’s this “can’t boycott” thing? So now we should be forced to spend our money on our enemies? Going to put that up for vote next?

  6. chelovek Says:

    Interestingly, when you say something like “the Mormon Church hates gays” then every Mormon Cult member flames back “I” don’t hate guys and you are wrong to say “I” do. Every time you say something about the cult, every cult member insists you are talking about him/her?

    Yet, magically, when you say the “church” gave money to prop 8 the same people will insist that it was each individual and not the “church”.

    Mormon Cult members really want to have their cake and eat it too. Then, of course, if these cult members were capable of consistent logic, they wouldn’t remain in the Cult anyway.

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  1. Mind Control & Mormonism | Stop The Mormons Says:

    [...] I’m sure if pushed on this statement he would backtrack and say that he made the donation directly, not through the mormon church, but this “slip of the tongue” alludes to the truth of the REAL influence the church has on members. Of course, the biggest evidence of the Mormon influence is the massive backing from church members, however they like to point out that it was Members, not the church, that supported it. Comments like this show the real situation. (Also see “Wonderful Testimony of Obedience” and my post on a Wall Street Journal column). And oh yeah, they said the same thing over at El Coyote. [...]

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