Inside Mormon Email: Enemy Prop 8 Press Conf Friday NOON

Posted on 13 November 2008 by admin

I’ve come across this email being circulated in Mormon congregations.  Why do they need to state the goal of diversity if their campaign is already so diverse? 

Sonja Eddings Brown has sent out an urgent call for a broad-based group of people to come to the Press conference at the DoubleTree in Santa Ana tomorrow, Friday, November 14that 12 p.m. See attachment for details and directions

WHERE: Santa Ana Doubletree Hotel, 201 East MacArthur Boulevard

WHEN: Friday, November 14that 12 p.m

She wants over two hundred people there, with a few Yes on 8 signs if they have them. I would guess that even home-made signs would be useful, as long as they say nothing extreme, but just talk about supporting free elections and respecting first amendment rights and freedom to exercise political rights and so forth.

She especially needs people there who represent the broad spectrum of the coalition: a dozen each of religious leaders or other representatives from the Coalition, including Evangelical, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, LDS, Sikh, Hindu, Orthodox, and other religions; and including – again, about a dozen each – Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Latino, Armenian, African-American, Iranian, Tongan, Samoan, other Pacific Islanders, Pakistani, Russian, Filipino, and many others. Please think of the groups that you worked with during the campaign, and ask them to attend the conference and join the coalition in condemning the violence, vandalism, threats, and harassment that have been committed against individuals and religious groups that supported the passage of Proposition 8.

Each of you please attend, and please let me know whether you are coming and whether you would like to speak with the media.

The shameful display of intolerance, hatred, and persecution that we have seen in the past week is taking a toll on the people of the state, and we need to show them that we stand by our votes and we continue to stand by marriage. Please attend the press conference, and bring with you several other people from your community and the other communities with whom you worked. We scheduled this at the lunch hour so people could leave work if they would like to attend.

Please ensure that everyone who comes will show the true nature of our coalition, i.e. that we are peaceful people who simply want to enjoy our political rights with no interference from others. We must not have any extreme voices there – they do not represent our leadership, our volutneers, or our voters, and will only detract from our message. If anyone who has been harmed is so hurt and angry that they would sound extreme if their comments were taken out of context, it is better that they not come. It is very important to have a large crowd, with no discordant voices that could be taken out of context and protrayed as representative of the whole coalition.

some of you will have gotten this message several times already, and others live too far away for it to be useful. To the former I apologize for the repetition; for the altter, I include this only for your information, so you know what is happening. If you know of people in Southern California that you think ought to attend, please let them know and ask them to attend. See the attachment for full information on the event.

Thank you.

- Bart

Barton W. Marcois
Eagle Foundation

Message Information:

From: bart marcois
Date: November 13, 2008 4:22:40 PM MST
To: “”
Subject: Need people at Friday press conference – URGENT

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  1. j cox Says:

    lets make sure u get facts straight. This was not sent out to Mormon congregations. This was sent by an eagle forum member, a very far right group not sanctioned by the Mormons.

  2. kent Says:

    To J Cox: the author of this blog post does appear to have his facts straight. He describes the message as an “email being circulated in Mormon congregations.” He does not claim that the email originates from the Mormon church or even that it is was “sent out to Mormon congregations” (your words). I do not see why this confuses you. I was personally made aware of this email when an LDS acquaintance forwarded it to me after he received it when it was forwarded to a large list of members of his ward (LDS term for congregation) here in Southern California.

    Your statement that the message was sent by an Eagle Forum member is correct. However, you will note that his message serves primarly to convey the words of Sonja Eddings Brown who, as I am sure you are aware, is currently on leave from her normal position as a news media specialist for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in California to serve as a spokesperson for one of the main Yes On 8 organizations.

  3. carl Stevens Says:

    we are peaceful people who simply want to enjoy our political rights with no interference from others.

    Yep that sounds like what we wanted as well. You wouldn’t leave us alone either////

  4. Chino Blanco Says:

    FYI … Eagle Foundation was paid $130K from the Prop 8 campaign last month.

    Anybody know anything about this outfit?

  5. Sam Says:

    This e-mail is too funny. If it was slightly more blatantly ignorant, I would dismiss it as just parody. It is, however, sadly easy to see how this would spread unquestioned in a Mormon congregation as Mormon doctrine teaches that they are the only “true and living church (of Christ/God)” and therefore don’t think any other religions have enough merit even bothering to learn about.

    Jewish?!? There’s multiple Jewish sects! The four main Judaic traditions in the US are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist, of which there are subcategories. Under these broad strokes, only some Orthodox and Conservative Jews would have had anything remotely to do with pro prop H8 groups.

    By Orthodox, I’m guessing he’s referring to Christian Orthodox or maybe he thinks Orthodox Jews aren’t part of the Judaic tradition, can’t really tell from this e-mail. If he’s talking about Orthodox Christians, well there’s Eastern, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Greek, etc. etc. etc. some of whom are gay-friendly and some even have histories of blessing same sex unions. By “Catholic,” I’m guessing he means Roman Catholic, otherwise he’s just referring to the universal Christian church, of which many mainline protestants also claim to belong, including The Episcopal Church and Metropolitan Community Church, both of which have blessed gay marriages.

    Then he wants about 12 individuals each out of 10-12 specific races and nationalities out of the hundreds if not more on earth. I think this may be the first time I’ve ever run across a request for a tiny spec of Rainbow Astroturf! Maybe that’s a good sign?

    Too funny.

  6. Sam Says:

    I found out more about this guy Barton, he is Mormon, who also is the Executive VP of RJI Capital Corporation a “Closely held investment banking and commercial intelligence firm”, aka a corporate spy. The Eagle Forum is a Mormon run PAC with close ties to the Prince (Blackwater) mercenary-for-hire family.

    Sounds like a real classy guy. If there is an axis of evil, he is part of the axle.

  7. Miriam Feldstein Case Says:

    I see nothing wrong with the circulation of this message. It matters not whether it comes from a Latter-Day Saint of not. It is not a crime for LDS to stand up for their beliefs. We don’t change moral standards as if we were a weather map.

  8. reuven Says:

    The different Jewish “movements” in America are really more alike than different. There’s no central Jewish authority in Judaism, and what they represent is really the political landscape from conservative to liberal. You can really find a continuous spectrum.

    Interestingly, there was only tepid support for Prop 8 from even the most traditional Jews. The head of the Orthodox Union was interviewed about prop 8. His position was “Marriage is between a Man and a Women” but added that he thought many of the congregants in the OU member congregations would vote “NO” because they’re “concerned about the separation of Church and State”.

    Jews across the political spectrum are always wary when Christianity attempts to become the official religion, and they’re especially wary of Mormons who do things like Baptize Holocaust victims and do posthumous conversions of Jews to “Mormonism”. Obviously, Jews aren’t worred about a phony-baloney conversion; they just don’t like the disrepect the Mormons have to Jews of blessed memory.

  9. Miriam Feldstein Case Says:

    reuven, you do not understand The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A person cannot convert a Jew to Mormonism. The person that, the posthumous work is done for, has the agency to accept or reject the religion.

  10. sam Says:

    Miriam, It’s clear you don’t change moral stands like a weather map. Assigned donations after reviewing private financial records (aka Blackmail) is always A-OK as long as it’s a Mormon Church leader doing it. Legislating religious belief is A-OK as long as they are Mormon beliefs, right?

    Not that I expect you to be able to clear your head enough to actually see the problem, but it’s obvious to everyone else, even the Funda-mental-ists that signed onto your “coalition” so you could take political cover in the “we weren’t the only ones doing it even though 40-80% of the money came from the 2% CA Mormon population.”

    Lies, mis-characterizations, blackmail, law-breaking by not reporting non-monetary contributions. These are all Mormon moral standards that became crystal clear During the Prop 8 campaign.

  11. Miriam Feldstein Case Says:

    Sam, my head is clear. Stop drinking the koolaid , and you won’t see a problem.

  12. sam Says:

    You mean the kool-aid of truth? All the links proving what I said are on this website. Take a look, then we’ll talk

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