“Wonderful Testimony of Obedience”

Posted on 13 November 2008 by admin

A Mormon account of solicitations for Prop 8 donations by the church, perhaps using tithing records to determine how much money they should ask them for.

What we were dreading, though, was to be asked to make “get out the vote” calls or put up a sign on our lawn (the worst part about being asked by the Church to do something is you really can’t say no– and if you do, you just don’t get it). 

My wife wanted to know how they came up with the customized figure and stewed over the notion that they probably reviewed our tithing records. The alternative would have been to pray over each family name, which seemed a painful, time-intensive exercise considering we were talking about the whole stake. Meanwhile, I didn’t like the idea of tallies being made for each ward. The SP said they’d be getting back lists of the donors and how much they paid. I didn’t like the idea of my faithfulness being gauged so.

And here is a very interesting post in the comments section:

I cannot be the only member of the church who feels like a hypocrite for saying that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, when the temple has sealings between one man and multiple women. As long as the sealings in the temple continue the way they do, then I cannot support what the church is saying it wants us to. How can we say we support marriage only being between a man and a woman when we so obviously don’t?

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  1. David T. Says:

    I wrote the article you are citing and just wanted to clarify the parts you latched onto.

    These were merely thoughts that ran through our minds. At the time we didn’t know how the donation figure was derived. We found out later that a select number of families– a fraction of the whole stake– were chosen after careful prayer. There was NO tithing audit.

    Also, the paragraphs you feature were my “devil’s advocate” thoughts. I like to kick the tires and slam the doors on something before I come to terms with it, and I was conveying that thought process. If you read the whole article– and subsequent entries I wrote on that blog– you’ll find that my decision to support the proposition was a positive experience.

    There is no question that the Mormon Church was a player in Prop 8, but it wasn’t the ringleader. It probably just had the most organized approach in getting its congregations involved. Singling out and demonizing the Church isn’t going to get you very far– at the very most it’s questionably trying to put an easy face on the “enemy” and the reason why most of California voted to pass the proposition.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I included a link to the full post so people could read it in context and I think the headline conveys that it was a positive experience for you.

    As a mormon until this past sunday, and with many mormon family members, I feel that I’m being quite fair in pointing out the church involvement in this. I certainly don’t think that I’m trying to demonize my family. We all know that the church was a huge force behind this so I don’t think there is anything unfair in calling peoples attention to this. Everyone should be afraid when one group can come in and make their religious views the law of the land, and that’s almost what happened here. Would the proposition been passed without the huge effort ordered by the church? I think you’d have to agree that most likely it would NOT have passed.

    You said it yourself: when the church asks you to do something, you really can’t say no. As a former member, I know exactly what you mean, and what the result of this was. I’m just trying to help the general public understand.

  3. Navi Says:

    Thanks for all the input about the Mormon Church involvement on Prop 8. For those of you who complaint and threating to leave the church. You need to sit back and look around. If you were an active member of the church you would not complaint. Everything about the Prop 8 was entiring voluntarily. The church did not force the members to go out and donate or participate in the rally’s. Stop wining, accept the fact that it pass. One last thing you think leaving the church, will hurt it’s repatution or bring it down. Mormon church had faced many perscution, and this is not the biggest it is one of the least. So face it we won it. You are only harming yourself. All who vote “No for Prop 8 stop the trauma and get on with life.

  4. FormerMormon Says:

    The campaign tore at least one family apart.

    My former wife was very pleased with her decision to ‘follow the prophet’, and tells me the experience was ‘very uplifting’…even though she no longer has a husband. The suggestion from the prophet outweighed the discussions of history and social impact I had with her.

    I don’t know how that works, but we each had to decide which was more important to us and obviously, we both agreed that other people’s marriages were more important than our own.

    It’s for the best, though…I suppose. *sigh*

  5. sam Says:

    David T, I read your entire blog (with comments) so this isn’t taking anything out of context. It has to be one of the creepiest things I’ve ever found on the internet. Change the Mormon church to the Taliban and the geography from California to Afghanistan and I think even you will see why.

    Your church looked up your financials to assign you a donation?!? That makes it, by definition, no longer a donation. It is simply blackmail. By paying the thugs off and writing what you wrote, you either broke, or enabled the breaking of 4 of the 10 commandments as well as the golden rule (1. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God, 2. You shall not steal (your neighbors marriage), 3. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, 3. You shall not covet anything that belongs (including his marriage) to your neighbor). In case you missed any of the commercials your church made, they were deeply dishonest to play to people’s fear of the unknown.

    To attribute what you did to God, is beyond revolting, even to many other Mormons that posted comments on your own blog. Doesn’t that clue you in even a tiny bit about how the rest of the world’s going to see it?

  6. Lisa Says:

    Good grief….No one from the Mormon church told me an amount to donate or told me I had to participate. In fact, no one even knew if I did donate or particiate. It seems like people who have nothing better to do are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Good grief…..No one from the Mormon church told me how much to donate or for that matter even knew if I did donate to Prop 8. No one knew if I participated in anyway either unless they were there with me. Those who have nothing better to do continue to make mountains out of molehills.

  8. admin Says:

    Lisa, the mountain is the pile of cash that resulted from the Mormon leadership call to members. It’s the deep involvement of the church. You can quibble about the details, but there is no argument about the end result: an attack on gays and lesbians led by the Mormon church. Please see my post “latter-day army” on this site.

  9. Sheri Lawson Says:

    I am doing my best to be nice, which is really difficult knowing what I know. So here goes. I won’t relate my whole story again, it can be found on the article titled Mind Control and Mormonism. But for those who won’t see it, I’m a straight mom and grandma, 24 year temple recommend holding woman. I no longer consider myself a Mormon beginning in 2000 over the blatant discrimination and persecution targeting the homosexual community, justified in part, I believe, because of the churches fear of losing money e.g tax exempt status. Where’s the faith in that? But money is more important than loving gentle homosexual sons and daughters of God having equality and feeling a part of society. What the church has done to them is almost unforgivable.

    This article Wonderful Testimony of Obedience, makes my heart sink. I don’t tithe to the church, I do give to other charitable organizations that I believe are striving to help our planet and her people, but I don’t attend church, go to the temple, and I even drink on occasion. Why is it that my husband and I continue to be blessed with abundance? Mormon’s do not have the market on blessings and it’s one of the things that angers me about their doctrine. They are subliminally lead to believe that it’s only through their obedience to the gospel that they will be blessed. I am far more blessed now than I ever was when I was an active member.

    I’d really like to know if the author of this article had a Mormon Mortgage banker or Realtor, hence the coincidence of money donated to help persecute homosexuals, and the next day their loan going through. It reminds me of Glenn Beck’s story of the day after he was baptized into the church he landed his dream job. Mormons do control a huge amount of media and other things, so perhaps some of the coincidences aren’t just coincidences after all.

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