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Gays Chase Antagonizing Christians from Castro

Posted on 14 November 2008 by admin

Things in California continue to heat up. KTVU San Francisco reports:

Members of the gay community said that almost every Friday night, a Christian group meets at the corner of Castro and 18th Streets. They try to convert gays and lesbians into a straight lifestyle.  This Friday night, the message didn’t go over well. Some gays and lesbians reacted by trying to chase the group out of the Castro.

UPDATE: I just came across this absolutely ABSURD account of what was going on here!

This group was not out there to convert anyone or show love. They were out there for a number of weeks harassing the gays and lesbians! This is NOT your average group of Christians. These are the same creeps who scream “you’re going to burn in hell” at gay pride parades. If anyone doesn’t like what the gays are doing outside of churches, they certainly can’t condone of this.

On the other hand, I do condone the church and temple protests the gays are doing, and find it very different than this. Protesting people and organizations who TOOK YOUR RIGHTS away and want to tell you how to live is one thing. Antagonizing the gay and lesbian victims of your hate is quite another.

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  1. Sam Says:

    “Don Eaton, the public affairs representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in the Bay Area said, “The church only encourages people to vote their conscience. The church also reminded us what our doctrine is with regards to marriage between a man and a woman.” He also said that some members of the church gave money to the No on 8 campaign, and they weren’t punished by the church.”

    This is just another lying Mormon. They don’t realize the Internet exists yet, and people can easily verify their claims. Read this letter, then ask yourself if this is even close to the truth. The Mormon prophet asked that they “ …. do ALL YOU CAN to support (prop 8).” If that doesn’t include voting for it, I guess Mormons don’t understand the meaning of those three words.

    Mormons who donated against prop 8, did so in opposition to their “Prophet” … the guy Mormons claim speaks with God on a regular basis. You are asked if you belief that the Prophet does speak with God and is basically infallible before you can get a pass into the temples. So if you don’t do what he says, you have to say no. Doing so makes you ineligible for that temple pass, which means they cannot participate fully in their church. That is punishment. Ask any truthful Mormon. There are very nice Mormons out there, just like their were probably very nice Nazis (as long as you weren’t Jewish). Their “Prophet”, Thomas S. Monson, however, is a bigot. Those who did what he asked are less guilty, but still just as guilty as the very nice Nazis that followed Hitler’s orders.

  2. Harvey Logan Says:

    Willl there be an organized movement to protest when the Supreme Court undetakes a decesion regarding the constitutionality of the passage of Prop. 8. I certainly hope so and I would like to join such a protest.

  3. John Denton Says:

    I just saw “Milk”, and as a straight guy who has long been sympathetic towards gays, I was moved even more, and sense that the timing of the movie is going to feed many more supporters into civil rights actions.

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