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How the Mormons See this Fight

Posted on 15 November 2008 by admin

Mormon blogs are using this image either from the bible or book of mormon, seeing themselves valiantly standing up to the angry mob shooting arrows below.  The story talks about the arrows that all miss the good person on top, in this case holding a Yes on 8 banner, or maybe some arrows bounce off of him.  I’m pretty sure this is a book of mormon story but it’s not coming to me.  Can anyone provide the details? (Thanks to Steve Carroll for the info in comments).

I’ve deleted the original image because this video has it as well, and it’s just sooo much more ridiculous.

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  1. steve carroll Says:

    This is an Arnold Friberg illustration done for the LDS Primary in the 1950′s. It illustrates an incident in the Book of Mormon’s book of Helamen. It is of Samuel the Laminite admonishing the Nephites (who obviously object) to repent.

  2. Sam Says:

    It’s a Book of Mormon story (the Mormon rip-off of the Bible that allegedly takes place in America).

  3. Tim Says:

    I laughed when I saw this video. The music sounds like it was lifted straight out of a (gay) porn film!

  4. Nick Literski Says:

    LOL! That’s exactly what my partner said, Tim, just a couple seconds after it started!

    Of course, my answer is the same as it was when they first started using this image. Since Samuel the Lamanaite disappeared after this, never to be heard from again, can we count on the same from YOU? Please?

  5. Joe Says:

    There is a list of rights which need to be extended to gay/lesbian couples. I don’t think any Mormon would disagree including its leadership. So put those rights on the ballot and I bet they pass.

    But what the gay/lesbian community don’t get is that changing the definition of marriage is more than that to Mormons, Blacks, and others holding traditional BELIEFS. It is a word. But it is important to them. And as of now, they are the majority.

    So having the traditional definition of the word marriage upheld by a popular vote is certainly NOT a civil rights injustice. It’s a protection of a belief that the MAJORITY hold at this time. That’s democracy.

    The gay/lesbian community should be focused on obtaining equal rights by pursuing the rights currently not allowed for domestic partnerships…one by one. This list is easy to find. In fact, it’s posted on this site.

    American civil rights refer to actual rights, not the right to ‘acceptance’ on a moral level. Claiming that the word ‘marriage’ is a right and enforcable over the majority of the voting people is silly and oppressive. All Americans deserve to shape government, not just the gay/lesbian community. They need to remember at this time that they are not the only ones who live here. Others have DIFFERENT beliefs they they and certain of those beliefs are in opposition to each other.

    But, once again, I believe a majority of the people would support assuring that domestic partnerships have the remaining few rights missing awarded to them if given a vote.

    The only one that might need to be worded with care is the right to adoption. Private religious organizations need to have the right to refuse adoption to gay/lesbian couples based upon a difference in beliefs. However, public adoption should be allowed. This makes sense as it again is not lawful to impose one’s beliefs on another person’s private organization because it imposes on freedom of religion.

    What can you say to this?

  6. chelovek Says:


    The arguments about it just being the word marriage is pure garbage.

    The word this is really all about is BIGOTRY!

    The bigots can say what they will but their actions have spoken far louder than their words. It’s a little late now to think that such ridiculous statements could be taken seriously by any person with even minimal critical thinking skills.

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