Video Analysis of “Cross Stomping” Incident

Posted on 16 November 2008 by admin

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I’ve slowed down the video of the infamous “Palm Springs Prop 8 Cross Stomping” incident to watch it very closely and see exactly what is happening.  The original video is being circulated among our opponents to say that WE are out of control.   I think you’ll see here that the old lady, Phyliss Burgess, in this video was the one who set out to stir things up.

  1. The woman, poor innocent (yeah right) Phyliss Burgess, runs/darts out in front of a very orderly group of No on 8 protesters and tries to stand in front of them with a cross. No, she wasn’t just standing in her own space having a peaceful counter demonstration, she RUNS out in front of a peaceful orderly group.
  2. The crowd first responds by moving in front of her with their signs.
  3. It looks like another person either WITH her or on her side, runs up and tries to rip the signs out of some NO protesters hands.
  4. The crowd, responding to the pairs clear intention to incite them, then takes her cross.
  5. 10 minutes later, a news crew tries to interview the woman in the MIDST OF THE PEOPLE she just incited. This was simply dumb. The news crew should have interviewed her somewhere else.
  6. The crowd refuses to allow her to be interviewed in the center of their group. You can hear them yelling “get out of here” and such.

It makes perfect sense to me, after watching the video and especially considering she was at the gay pride festival the week before doing the same thing, that she set out to cause a commotion and that’s exactly what she did.

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