The Mormons New Friends

Posted on 18 November 2008 by admin

I’ve been reading up on some of the Mormons new friends (Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, etc) and I think that my head is going to explode.  Not only have their Prop 8 friends been on the attack with Marriott, trying to get them to remove porn from their hotel rooms, they did a swift boat on Mitt Romney early in the campaign since Romney was on the Marriott’s board from 1992 to 2001.  They later warmed up to Mitt though still tried to get out the word, through a questionable Romney quote, that Mormons are not Christians. (Hey Mormons, it’s just a word! Can’t you find something else to call yourselves?)

So, Marriott is getting it from both sides now.  From the radical right for having porn in the rooms and ties to Romney and Mormonism.  And also from the left, for having Book of Mormons in the hotel rooms and ties to Romney and Mormonism.  I find it mind blowing, and so absurd that it’s amusing, for the Mormons to have teamed up with these same people on the right.  To me, this is almost a smoking gun: the Mormons had to know full well what kind of campaign they were behind with Prop 8.

The Daily Kos site Street Prophets has a detailed overview of the whole thing that went down before Prop 8.

And one other bit of trivia: Romney’s given name is Willard – after hotel magnate J. Willard Marriott, his father’s best friend.

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  1. Teriss Says:

    Loved your post, I can’t believe these born again, Evangelistas, Mormonites, or whatever the flavor of the day is now. They can’t even accept their own religious brothers and sisters, how can they accept the rest of the world?

    Momons can’t stand Christians, some Christians can’t stand Evangelicals (George Bush called himself an Evangelical) the idiot. I mean they can’t even get along with each other- that is the ironic part of it all.

    We have had it up to the eyeballs with religious freaks running this country and their infiltrating politics. There is no place for the Church in politics or the bedrooms of our country.
    Prop 8 is not going to be successful, if we all stand united and fight for it, it will be ours.
    The world did not end in Canada, Spain and Denmark when they passed gay marriage into law, and funny enough the Family Research Council tried to stop it in Canada, but they failed. So they shall fail again.
    Blessings from a Buddhist Nun.
    We accept all people.

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Targeting Mormons Unfair?

Equality California estimates that Mormons donated as much as $20 million to Prop. 8, while the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal group, gave $1.25 million to the effort and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, $200,000.



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