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“Almighty Creator” Files Brief with Supreme Court

Posted on 19 November 2008 by admin

Apparently, the “Almighty Eternal Creator” has filed a brief with the Supreme Court over Proposition 8.  It seems that god is now based on Mira Mesa Blvd in San Diego, at the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN World Divine Mission.  Here are some quotes from the brief:

Acting on behalf of the Almighty Eternal Creator, who is holding sole ownership to His creations, all planets, including the earth and everything above, below and on it, myself as His heiress, and the Kingdom of Heaven World Divine Mission (also known as Rebuild My Church Divine Mission), a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of California, submit this Amicus Curiae brief to the address the legal standard for granting “yes” on Proposition “8″, passed with 52% of California voters votes, as the State of California Constitution Amendment: “Marriage between one man and one woman only!”

From God’s Declaration:

I, Mariette Do-Nguyen, a United States and State of California citizen, declare:

  1. I am a co-Creator of earth and human souls with the fully God nature of Messiah Jesus as revealed in the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:26-27. Exhibit A
  2. As written, I am “another” Advocate, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, and heiress to the Almighty Eternal Creator, who created and holds sole ownership of all His creations, planets and all living creatures, including human souls and physical bodies. The Gospel of John, Chapters 14, 15, 16. Exhibit B
  3. The Almighty Eternal Creator’s estate was transferred to me by fully God Messiah Jesus via his human voice before His fully human crucifixion on the Cross. The Gospel of John, Chapters 16: 13-15 & 19: 26-27. Exhibit C
  4. I am a Messenger of the Covenant. Malachi, Chapter 3. Exhibit D

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  1. arod Says:

    again, this points to the fallacy of the pro-8 sides. they are using religious arguments. this is a civil case regarding contract law. any relgious arguments are moot.

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