BYU Student Newspaper Talks Prop 8

Posted on 13 December 2008 by admin

BYU NewsNet, the BYU campus newspaper, did a story on December 10th that frankly talks about the energy around Prop 8 on campus before the election. The reporter also reviews the infamous “Six Consequences” document and scratches the surface of the claims, including the top line pro and con arguments against them.  

Here is the intro:  ”For some at BYU, it was a confirming experience in the importance of families, and it took up their entire lives leading up to the election. For others, it was personally destructive, and it took up their entire lives leading up to the election. Perhaps more than any other school, Proposition 8 burned through BYU’s campus in the days and weeks leading up to Nov. 4.”

The article also talks about harassment and intimidation against those who took a public stand against Prop 8, including masses of “nasty and anonymous” hate e-mail alongside continuous streams of anti-gay Facebook messages.

“I have so many friends here at BYU that are gay that mean so much to me,” one person quoted said. “I hated the way the students promoted Prop. 8 like it was a fun game with the plastering of posters and the telephone banks right in front of their faces.”

Read the full story at BYU NewsNet

Hat tip to Latter-Day Chino for bringing this article to my attention.

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  1. Neally Says:

    Well guess BYU won’t get confused for Harvard anytime soon…:)

    Seriously, I don’t like to paint people with a broad brush but after reading this story if I’m hiring for an entry level position and a BYU grad were a candidate I’d need more time in an interview to ask in-depth the following:

    1. Are you able to work with co-workers who are gay or lesbian?
    2. Are you able to work for a manager who is gay or lesbian?
    3. In general are you able to work with and cooperate with others of different races, cultures, or beliefs?
    4. Given BYU’s mostly White student population, how comfortable are you working in multi-ethnic, religously pluralistic office setting?

    I hope the views presented in the article are a minority or else these kids will be in for the shock to the system when they leave the confines of Utah.

  2. George Kensley Says:

    It would appear to someone who has lived behind the Zion curtain most of my life, but have traveled the world that the Mormon Church, the “Christian? Right” and the republician party are with the passage of time losing many of their followers. It would appear that the younger generation, and the “silent majority” are more liberal than the church and politician, who really are in bed together would like us to believe.

    Their hidden agenda is simply to control and force others to follow their beliefs. What happened to the Mormon’s professed belief in free agency and the constitution’s guarenty of equal protection under the law and liberty for all?

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