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8: The Mormon Proposition (Interview w/ director Reed Cowan)

Posted on 20 October 2009 by Chino Blanco

CB: When did you decide you were going to be the one to make “8: The Mormon Proposition” and what factor(s) drove your decision? What aspects of your own background or of the Prop 8 campaign brought you to this project?

RC: Truthfully, this film started out as an exposé on the problems of gay teen homelessness in Utah’s “Zion” and an examination about WHY otherwise loving parents would kick their kids out on to the streets just because their kids are gay. But as the weeks and months unfolded in our project, I began seeing that history demanded our project be larger in scope. Slowly, but with great force, our focus shifted to what I believe is the “touchstone” of Mormon ideology regarding homosexuality…and that is exclusively Mormon efforts to get PROP 8 on the ballot in California and see its passage. It’s the case against Mormons and what I believe has been a decades long work to damage gay people and their causes.

PROP 8 is truly the most obvious, shining example of what is at the root of Mormon belief about gay people. As to what factors drove my decision to make the film what it is today, they were personal really and deeply rooted in something that is fundamental to my character. Human suffering cuts me to the quick. And when I obtained the entire LDS call-to-action broadcast (transcripts and audio) that was heard by thousands in California, as a former Mormon myself, I knew statistically speaking, that at least ten percent of the Mormon youth who heard the call to action, were gay. I hurt over the thought of what they must have felt sitting in those pews, hearing their church leaders launch an assault against gay people. I went in the direction of the fires of their pain, and it’s my prayer this film will be a part of putting out the fire of that pain in their lives. What the Mormons did and what they continue to do against gay people needs to be a matter of record, because it is spiritually criminal. When these young people sitting in the pews grow up, I hope they can turn to my film and get the message that it’s OK to leave the organization that pulls them to its breast tenderly, while choking the spiritual life right out of them through assaults on their very civil rights.

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Dobson Caves to Evangelicals Who Call Glenn Beck a Cultist

Posted on 26 December 2008 by Chino Blanco

Admittedly, I got busy with the holidays and fell behind in my reading at some of my favorite websites. I figured I could bookmark, spend a couple days getting reacquainted with the wife and kids, and then catch up later.

Later was apparently too late:

No longer available? Now that’s disappointing.

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Was Obama the Best Choice for Gay Rights?

Posted on 23 December 2008 by admin

I have a confession to make: I am a Hillary Clinton fan, and would have loved to have seen her today as the President elect. I’ve grown to be an Obama fan as well, but the Rick Warren controversy caused me to reflect on some feelings and concerns I had back in the primaries.  One was that Barak’s goal of unifying the country might come before and to the detriment of the gay community if it were accomplished by playing to the center.

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The New Religious Right

Posted on 13 December 2008 by admin

Source: The Advocate

Source: The Advocate


THE ADVOCATE ASKS: Does the organizational and fund-raising prowess displayed by the LDS church during California’s Proposition 8 campaign augur future political might?

In june the governing body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent a letter to every Mormon congregation in California asking that a message be read to members at Sunday services stating that “marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God,” and “local church leaders will provide information about how you may become involved in this important cause.” The cause was Proposition 8, and church members were implored to “do all you can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of your means and time.”

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Latter-Day Army: Details of Mormons & Prop 8

Posted on 30 November 2008 by admin

I decided to start a project to try to put together a timeline with details about Mormon church involvement in Prop 8 and gay marriage, using news reports, blog postings and other information to try to paint a picture of what was going on inside the Mormon church. This was without question a highly involved campaign at all levels of the church, not simply the random free efforts of Mormon church members.

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Prop Family: Behind the Massachusetts Claims

Posted on 27 November 2008 by admin

It turns out that the Massachusetts family at the center of the Prop 8 campaign isn’t just a random couple who feel that their parental rights were infringed upon. The Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.) reports that Robb and Robin Wirthlin, who introduced themselves to California voters in a Yes on 8 ad as the unwitting parents of a boy who was read the gay-friendly book King and King in his Massachusetts classroom, are not only Mormon, and possibly sought out this controversy, but they are related to one of the Mormon’s key strategists: Richard “Dick” Wirthlin.

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Location of Protests a Key Part of Narrative

Posted on 26 November 2008 by admin

Mollie at has posted about media coverage of Prop 8 and questions if the media has been effective in covering the complaints being made by the protesters at the Mormon temples and the response from Mormons and the Mormon church. She states:

When organizing a protest, the location is a key part of the narrative you’re trying to push. Reporters should include the reason why the location was picked. And when the target of a protest, you should have the right to defend yourselves.

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Targeting Mormons Unfair?

Equality California estimates that Mormons donated as much as $20 million to Prop. 8, while the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal group, gave $1.25 million to the effort and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, $200,000.



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