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Ex-Mormon Screenwriter of “Milk” on NPR

Posted on 11 January 2009 by admin

Fresh Air from WHYY: Milk screenwriter and executive producer Dustin Lance Black explains how Harvey Milk, gay rights and his upbringing in the Mormon church influenced his writing.  Listen to the interview here.

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Trapped in a Mormon Gulag

Posted on 06 January 2009 by Chino Blanco

By Eric Norwood
Republished with author’s permission
Further info at Mormon Gulag

This story is about Eric Norwood’s personal experiences at a place called The Utah Boys Ranch, which models itself as a “tough-love” prep-school, but while Eric was there, he witnessed some unbelievable atrocities. It is a Mormon-funded and staffed facility, and religious indoctrination is a fundamental aspect of the school. There was sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, suicide, staff corruption, and escape. A major Utah political figure, Senator Chris Buttars, was the executive director while Eric was there. This is Eric’s story.

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Mormons More Likely To Be Gay

Posted on 04 December 2008 by admin

Excerpt from The Hastings Center:

Discussions and debates over the origins of homosexuality have tended to focus on two possibilities: you’re either gay because you’ve got a ”gay gene,” or you’re gay because of some aspect of your upbringing.

(The latter option is usually imagined to involve something nasty, like a pedophilic priest.) These two options—gene-gay and turned-gay—fit neatly in the (yawn) nature-nurture debate, and that
probably explains why almost everyone seems to keep ignoring a third option, one for which there is astoundingly robust data: womb-gay.

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Help Push MILK to Top Box Office at Opening

Posted on 22 November 2008 by admin


Please encourage everyone you know to see the new film, Milk, between Wednesday and Sunday. This is a very important film about a historic person, time, and events for gay civil rights. It is very timely with many parallels to the current uproar about Proposition 8. And if you don’t already know the story, I can promise you that this will NOT be a boring docudrama. The film is often mentioned as a top Oscar contender. Please visit and support their efforts to see the film at a gay rights friendly theater.

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Gay Website Stands with LDS on Church in Kyrgyzstan

Posted on 21 November 2008 by admin today issued a statement to lend its support to the LDS church in its efforts to establish its religion in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Darin Weeks, founder of said, “While the Lesbian and Gay community is outraged that the Mormon church played such a significant role in singling out our community for different treatment under California law, we feel that all laws or regulations that unfairly single out any group for different treatment are wrong.  As such, we urge the Kyrgyz Republic to put fear aside and allow the Mormon church to establish itself in their country.”

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Mormons Upset that Government Will Not Recognize LDS Religion

Posted on 21 November 2008 by admin

I find it highly amusing to read in Utah’s Deseret News that the government of Kyrgyzstan is making it difficult for the Mormons to have their religion officially recognized by the country.

One of the reader comments posted with the story says, “It’s not about a religious Us vs. Them — it’s about a government saying Only Us, Not Them.” 

Ha! How does it feel?

The new Kyrgyzstan law would make it much more difficult to register. Instead of requiring just 10 members in the country before a church could register, it would now require 200, a commission said.

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LA Times: Debunking the Myths Used by Prop 8

Posted on 21 November 2008 by admin

Clever magicians practice the art of misdirection — distracting the eyes of the audience to something attention-grabbing but irrelevant so that no one notices what the magician is really doing. Look over at that fuchsia scarf, up this sleeve, at anything besides the actual trick.

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Vandalism of LDS Church, Suicidal Man at Temple

Posted on 20 November 2008 by admin


Farmington LDS chapel vandalized

Farmington LDS chapel vandalized

There were a couple of stories that caught my attention today in Utah.  One was a minor act of vandalism to a Mormon church that could be investigated as a hate crime.  In the other, a suicidal man was found in front of an LDS temple.

The vandilism case seems clearly related to Prop 8.  The words, “Nobody’s born a bigot” followed by a heart and smiley face were found spray-painted on a cement wall outside chapel.  The vandalism was reported on Wednesday, and police are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

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California Supreme Court to Hear Cases

Posted on 19 November 2008 by admin

The California Supreme Court ruled today that they will hear cases challenging prop 8, but will NOT allow marriages to resume in the meantime.   They also allowed the backers of Proposition 8 to intervene, however they did not allow another pro prop 8 group, Campaign for California Families, to do so.

The ruling text follows below.   For news analysis, see the SF Chronicle.

Case: S168047, Supreme Court of California

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“Almighty Creator” Files Brief with Supreme Court

Posted on 19 November 2008 by admin

Apparently, the “Almighty Eternal Creator” has filed a brief with the Supreme Court over Proposition 8.  It seems that god is now based on Mira Mesa Blvd in San Diego, at the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN World Divine Mission.  Here are some quotes from the brief:

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