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El Coyote Ugly: The Debate Continues

Posted on 16 December 2008 by admin

Steve Gomez is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, and he has done a couple of columns on the situation with El Coyote. The first is an interview with Margie Christoffersen, the El Coyote manager and daughter of the owner of the restaurant.    The second is a summary of the feedback that was sent along with his commentary, and decision to stand by his first article.   Below is a letter that I just sent to him, though I doubt he’ll continue the saga in the Times.

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California Investigates Mormon Prop 8 Money

Posted on 30 November 2008 by admin

We previously posted about a complaint filed by Californians Against Hate about the amount of money and non-monetary contributions reported to the State of California for Prop 8. The state has officially opened an investigation, and now some outside opinion is chiming in with support.  Yesterday, the New York York Times editorial board said, “Based on the facts that have come out so far, the state is right to look into whether the church broke state laws by failing to report campaign-related expenditures.”

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“Wonderful Testimony of Obedience”

Posted on 13 November 2008 by admin

A Mormon account of solicitations for Prop 8 donations by the church, perhaps using tithing records to determine how much money they should ask them for.

What we were dreading, though, was to be asked to make “get out the vote” calls or put up a sign on our lawn (the worst part about being asked by the Church to do something is you really can’t say no– and if you do, you just don’t get it). 

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Targeting Mormons Unfair?

Equality California estimates that Mormons donated as much as $20 million to Prop. 8, while the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal group, gave $1.25 million to the effort and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, $200,000.



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