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8: The Mormon Proposition (Interview w/ director Reed Cowan)

Posted on 20 October 2009 by Chino Blanco

CB: When did you decide you were going to be the one to make “8: The Mormon Proposition” and what factor(s) drove your decision? What aspects of your own background or of the Prop 8 campaign brought you to this project?

RC: Truthfully, this film started out as an exposé on the problems of gay teen homelessness in Utah’s “Zion” and an examination about WHY otherwise loving parents would kick their kids out on to the streets just because their kids are gay. But as the weeks and months unfolded in our project, I began seeing that history demanded our project be larger in scope. Slowly, but with great force, our focus shifted to what I believe is the “touchstone” of Mormon ideology regarding homosexuality…and that is exclusively Mormon efforts to get PROP 8 on the ballot in California and see its passage. It’s the case against Mormons and what I believe has been a decades long work to damage gay people and their causes.

PROP 8 is truly the most obvious, shining example of what is at the root of Mormon belief about gay people. As to what factors drove my decision to make the film what it is today, they were personal really and deeply rooted in something that is fundamental to my character. Human suffering cuts me to the quick. And when I obtained the entire LDS call-to-action broadcast (transcripts and audio) that was heard by thousands in California, as a former Mormon myself, I knew statistically speaking, that at least ten percent of the Mormon youth who heard the call to action, were gay. I hurt over the thought of what they must have felt sitting in those pews, hearing their church leaders launch an assault against gay people. I went in the direction of the fires of their pain, and it’s my prayer this film will be a part of putting out the fire of that pain in their lives. What the Mormons did and what they continue to do against gay people needs to be a matter of record, because it is spiritually criminal. When these young people sitting in the pews grow up, I hope they can turn to my film and get the message that it’s OK to leave the organization that pulls them to its breast tenderly, while choking the spiritual life right out of them through assaults on their very civil rights.

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New York Marriage Equality: Astroturfing – Courtesy of the Same Ten (Mormon) People

Posted on 18 May 2009 by Chino Blanco

In her report on the New York “pro-marriage” rally, Mormon blogger (and Digital Network Army director) Angela Rockwood (aka Beetle Blogger) suggests that if you are a New Yorker, you’ll want to know about these sites:

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms

New Yorkers Family Research Foundation

For once, I agree with Angela: If you’re a New Yorker, please take her advice and check out both sites.

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Marriage opponent regrets past, now supports equality

Posted on 21 March 2009 by Chino Blanco

by Dan Aiello
Bay Area Reporter
Reprinted with permission

Chino’s Preface: Fred Karger, of Californians Against Hate fame, recently marked the launch of his new Mormongate.com site with the publication of several never-before-seen internal LDS documents regarding a 1990′s contest in Hawaii over the issue of marriage equality.

In the course of reading through Fred’s docs, one name in particular caught my attention: Debi Hartmann. Could this be the same Mormon mom whom I’d recently seen speaking in support of her Local 5 union and its affirmative stance re marriage rights for all? Indeed it was, and here’s Debi making her case around the 4:25 mark:

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Trapped in a Mormon Gulag

Posted on 06 January 2009 by Chino Blanco

By Eric Norwood
Republished with author’s permission
Further info at Mormon Gulag

This story is about Eric Norwood’s personal experiences at a place called The Utah Boys Ranch, which models itself as a “tough-love” prep-school, but while Eric was there, he witnessed some unbelievable atrocities. It is a Mormon-funded and staffed facility, and religious indoctrination is a fundamental aspect of the school. There was sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, suicide, staff corruption, and escape. A major Utah political figure, Senator Chris Buttars, was the executive director while Eric was there. This is Eric’s story.

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Latter-Day Protest? Proposition 8 and Sports

Posted on 31 December 2008 by Chino Blanco

By Dave Zirin

x-posted from Edge of Sports with permission.

As supporters of Gay Marriage have discovered, it’s never easy to be on the Mormon Church’s enemies list. The Church of Latter-Day Saints backed the anti-Gay Marriage Proposition 8 in California with out-of-state funds, and gave the right a heartbreaking victory this past election cycle. But the Mormon Church has been challenged in the past. Just ask Bob Beamon.

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Dobson Caves to Evangelicals Who Call Glenn Beck a Cultist

Posted on 26 December 2008 by Chino Blanco

Admittedly, I got busy with the holidays and fell behind in my reading at some of my favorite websites. I figured I could bookmark, spend a couple days getting reacquainted with the wife and kids, and then catch up later.

Later was apparently too late:

No longer available? Now that’s disappointing.

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Mormon Employed by Jewish Org Draws Ire

Posted on 20 November 2008 by admin

From the Jewish Daily Forward:

Mark Paredes, the Los Angeles-based national director of Latino outreach for the American Jewish Congress, is taking heat from liberal Jews who opposed Proposition 8 — the ballot initiative that amends the California state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage — for his outspoken support of the measure.

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Are All Mormon Owned Businesses Fair Game?

Posted on 18 November 2008 by admin

The Desert Sun has an article about boycott efforts and suspicion of Mormon business owners, and reports that some are advocating a boycott of all LDS owned businesses — regardless of financial support to passing Proposition 8.  “I didn’t make a contribution. I’m just so exhausted explaining myself,” said Rick Seidner, who has owned Rick’s in Palm Springs for 23 years. 

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Inside Mormon Email: Enemy Prop 8 Press Conf Friday NOON

Posted on 13 November 2008 by admin

I’ve come across this email being circulated in Mormon congregations.  Why do they need to state the goal of diversity if their campaign is already so diverse? 

Sonja Eddings Brown has sent out an urgent call for a broad-based group of people to come to the Press conference at the DoubleTree in Santa Ana tomorrow, Friday, November 14that 12 p.m. See attachment for details and directions

WHERE: Santa Ana Doubletree Hotel, 201 East MacArthur Boulevard

WHEN: Friday, November 14that 12 p.m

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Mormon Leader Explains Prop 8 to Young People

Posted on 13 November 2008 by admin

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
A video I made with commentary on LDS leader David Bednar’s talk to young people in the church.

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